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TCS Customer McGee Tire Expands Its Footprint

May 23rd, 2011

Back on April 21, 2011, Tire Business published an article about McGee Auto Service & Tires acquiring eight Tampa Bay area Superior Auto Stores.  “The Superior Auto stores generate most of their revenue from auto service, Mike McGee said, which makes them a good fit with McGee Auto’s retail business, which derives about 70 percent of sales from service.”

"Trust McGee to be Gremlin Free"

McGee Auto Service & Tire Centers Acquire 8 New Stores

The transition from Superior to McGee’s began in late April.  McGee Auto Preside Mike McGee told Tire Business, “…the transition’s been going smoothly so far, aided by several factors, including common computer systems, experienced personnel, similar corporate cultures and the heritage of being Goodyear-branded businesses.”

Aside from expanding the reach of McGee’s Auto Service centers, the acquisition of the Superior Auto Stores also helped solidify McGee’s commercial retail offerings.

The April 25th Tire Business News Minute stated, “One of the Superior outlets is a combined commercial retail operation which will augment McGee’s three commercial truck centers and one retread plant.”  The combined commercial retail outlet will solidify McGee’s commercial sales efforts in the Sarasota, Florida area.

This is the third time that McGee Auto Service & Tires has expanded by acquiring multiple auto stores.  According to Kevin McGee, McGee’s District Manager, their new advertising slogan, “Trust McGee to be gremlin free” is to raise awareness that McGee’s stores are not only tire service centers, but automotive service centers as well.

TCS is proud to partner with McGee Auto Service & Tires.  We congratulate McGee’s and wish them success with their expanded network of 28 stores.

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