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Tire Power Point-Of-Sale Features

Tire Power™ software has spent 20 years delivering a superior point-of-sale process. From the sales counter to the shop floor, to the finished invoice we provide a simplistic yet powerful sales process, revenue focused functionality, and unmatched flexibility are built in at every step. Tire Power software delivers to the retail and tire and service center the tools and information they need to delight customers and maximize sales at every visit.

Customer Information

Tire Power's 'Customer Search' window gives you fast and easy access to your customer's information. You may choose to view an entire list of customers, or to search for a specific customer using multiple criteria. Find a customer by first or last name, phone number, account number, or even vehicle information. In fact, there are over 15 ways to find the customer information you need. This is just another way Tire Power helps improve your efficiency, allowing you to better serve your customers.

Customer History Tracked

Tire Power keeps the transaction history for all your customers indefinitely. You can feel secure knowing that your customer's complete history is just a click away. You can search for invoices, old payments, and even transactions that have been voided. You can find an old transaction and reprint it, or print a statement to give to the customer.

Track Today's Activities

The 'Today's Activity' window allows you to manage your day. It gives you easy access to all pending transactions, so you can quickly and efficiently take care of your customers. It shows Quotes, Work Orders, Invoices, Back Orders, Payments, Adjustments, and Service Charges so you can find them in a hurry. If a customer needs a reprint of an invoice, no problem. With a few clicks, you can reprint transactions, look at a customer's account history, or make a change to an existing transaction. From a one-click conversion of a quote to a work order, to invoicing in a flash, the 'Today's Activities' feature makes the Tire Power point-of-sale system the easiest and most efficient to use in the industry.

Customer Statements

With Tire Power, running customer statements is easy. Choose to run a detailed or summary statement for all customers, a single customer, or a select tax group. Select a date range for print or choose all unpaid items. Sort the statements by name or zip code and even use the Enable Minimum Payment to set a percent of the account's value to be paid. What used to take hours every month can now be done in minutes with Tire Power.

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Tire Power is partnered with Merchant Partners™, an industry leader in internet based (IP) credit card processing, to quickly and securely process customer credit card transactions. TCS seamlessly integrates Merchant Partners™ in all of our products and we work closely to help manage this part of your business. Tire Power takes the hassle out of processing payments. With the integration between Tire Power and Merchant Partners™, you will eliminate the risk of double entry, have a clear audit trail to track payments, and best of all, it is fast! Most transactions are completed in as little as 2 to 3 seconds. This is just another way that Tire Power is the total solution for your tire and automotive center.

Security Features

Tire Power's Security Groups feature gives you complete control over employee access to different levels of the software. Every user has their own login name allowing them to login to the system, or in the case of a multi-site user, allowing them to pick the store they wish to log in to. By having login names assigned to each user, tracking the author of a transaction is a breeze. Every user is also assigned to a default security group, so when they login, the system knows exactly which areas of the program they are allowed to access. The user can be assigned to one of the five default security groups, or to one of your own custom security groups, specifying exactly which parts of the program you would like an employee to have access to. Whether you go with the default security settings or make your own, Tire Power gives you piece of mind knowing you control your employees' activity and access to sensitive information.

Tire Guide Pro

Tire Power comes equipped with the fully integrated Tire Guide Pro™. Tire Guide Pro™ is a database providing fast, easy, access to tire sizes, inflation specifications, rim information, and a wealth of other options. As long as you know the vehicle information, Tire Guide Pro™ will find the right tire size to fit the car when creating a quote, work order, or invoice. Tire Guide’s data is kept up-to-date with frequent updates as new makes and models are introduced. With our relationship with Tire Guide, we are able to offer you the help you need to serve your customers better.

Customizable Services

Design the program around your business' needs with customizable pre-defined services. Tire Power lets you create any amount of services, have unlimited price levels for each service, and track their sales figures. You can group similar services together into service subtypes to track how much revenue your company is making in areas such as brake labor, alignment labor, or any other area. Tire Power is about flexibility. We give you the tools so you can make it work for your business.


The Packages feature in Tire Power is designed to group together and organize inventory items, services and labor, and comments which are normally sold together in a group. This speeds up the process of entering line items on quotes, work orders and invoices.

For example, when your business sells a set of tires, tire mounting, balance and valve stems are usually added on. With this time saving feature you can combine these two services and the inventory item into one package so the next time you sell a set of tires, click the Packages button from the Invoice window, select your package and insert it into the invoice. What would have taken you three or four lines to enter now takes just one. This is another way Tire Power uses innovative ideas to make your job easier.

Tire Estimator

Use the Tire Power Tire Estimator to quickly quote tires directly from the inventory search window, without having to start a quote. Run an inventory search for one tire or an entire list of tires. With a click of a button see the price for any quantity of tires including taxes, scrap tire fees, and mount and balance. If that is not the tire you want, scroll down your inventory list and choose another. The tire estimator screen will automatically update with the new price. Your sales team will love this "4 and out the door" quote feature.

Contract Pricing

The Tire Power Contract Pricing feature is an invaluable way to manage your pricing. This feature provides a consistent pricing strategy for your inventory and complete flexibility in employing the profit margins desired for your product lines. This feature works by letting you set up the formula for calculating the selling price of any inventory group and have it updated automatically when your costs change. Handle product line price increases easily by updating the price for the entire group at one time. Choose to mark up your inventory by dollar amounts, a percentage, gross margin or a combination of all. With unlimited price levels per item, you have the flexibility to set levels at any profit margin you desire. Each customer can be assigned to their own custom Pricing Contract if you desire, or entire groups of customers may share the same pricing levels. This eliminates the guess work of customer pricing for your employees. With Tire Power's Contract Pricing, you will have the flexibility needed to maximize your profit and control your prices.

About TCS Technologies

TCS, an ARI company, develops and supports an innovative suite of point of sale and business management software, eCommerce websites, digital marketing services and data-as-a-service products designed exclusively for dealers, wholesalers, retreaders and manufacturers within the automotive repair, tire and wheel verticals. TCS is the industry's only complete technology provider, and our platform outperforms the competition through its seamless integration and superior functionality. For more than 20 years, we have provided our customers the best customer support in the industry, giving them the tools to build stronger, more loyal customers and ultimately a strong ROI. 

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