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January 7th, 2010

(Cookeville, TN, January 7, 2010) — Today TCS, software provider for the tire and automotive industry, further sharpened their competitive edge, rolling out their latest technology service for the tire and automotive service industry:  Utilizing the soaring growth of social media to enhance the bottom line for their customers and clients.  This expansion of services comes as a result of the recent partnership between TCS and JTMarCom, a Nashville-based social media marketing firm co-founded by John Taylor – a longtime tire industry PR executive.

2009 was a year of phenomenal expansion for social media, and the business benefits of reaching audiences of such magnitude are at the forefront of TCS’ new comprehensive strategies.  Current estimates number social media participants worldwide at over 1 billion, with passing the 350 million user mark early this December.  Over 700,000 businesses have a presence on Facebook, and TCS, along with JT MarCom, is aiding their customers in reaching out to this and similar markets with several new free programs and options:

+          TCS is now offering a free 30-minute consultation session to educate customers on how to generate revenue and build trust via social media in their area.

+          A wealth of DIY whitepapers, educational tools and tips for tire and automotive service industry professionals are available as part of a growing social media knowledge base on the website.

+          Further, TCS is providing a 30-day free evaluation of their customers’ social media efforts.  Experts will analyze what they are doing right, where they could improve upon, and give suggestions on how they can keep moving forward in their Social Media strategies.

+          For clients who desire to outsource management of their social media programs to ensure maximum and sustained business results, TCS and JTMarcom are providing multi tier strategic plans based specifically on goals, objectives, and desired results.

“Our customers’ success is the primary component of our company’s success,” explains TCS president Barry Reese.  “That’s why we’re offering free consultation on social media marketing with the ability to expand it into a full strategic plan.  We feel very strongly that companies in the tire and automotive services industries need to embrace and leverage the growing influence of social media now; they cannot afford to wait.”

Reese said social media, if done correctly, is a great way for independent tire dealers to level the playing field with the national retailers.  “Independent tire dealers cannot outspend their national rivals in advertising, but they can use social media to establish meaningful, lasting relationships with local consumers and enhance their brand in their market area.  Best of all, social media applications are free to businesses and consumers, but it takes time and the proper expertise to use them correctly and maximize its potential.”

“We’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of tire dealers over the past two decades on local marketing programs, so we understand what it takes to drive business at the grassroots level,” JTMarCom’s Taylor said.

Taylor added, “Teaming up with TCS on this new initiative made perfect sense because they too understand what it takes to make a dealer successful and offer proven and powerful software and Internet-based solutions customized for the tire and automotive service industries.”

Taylor said the program by TCS and JTMarCom is unique in that it understands what can and cannot be achieved via social media, and is based on the  two companies’ strong commitment to keeping abreast of the technologies which change almost daily and decades of traditional tire marketing experience.  “Social media is the shiny new toy so there are so-called “social” media experts popping up all over the place.  What makes us different is that we truly understand the tire and automotive services business and how social media can be effectively utilized to move the needle,” Taylor noted.

Reese added, “TCS’ goal is to assist our customers, clients and even visitors with understanding this nascent technology and how to utilize it in the tire and automotive service industry.  By always researching new technologies, TCS can better serve our customers by helping grow their reputations and business footprints.”

The central hub of the TCS social media connect program is online on the TCS website at  From that location users can collect information, subscribe to whitepapers and receive updated information about social media marketplace technologies and real-world applications.

This is just one more example how TCS is focused on the future of technology in the tire and automotive industry. For more information on TCS products and services for the tire and automotive service industries, visit or call (888) 449-8473 to speak with one of their Sales and Support team members.

About JTMarCom

Headquartered in Nashville, TN, JTMarCom is an Internet marketing firm specializing in social media marketing and headed by 20-year tire industry veteran John Taylor.  Relying on its broad experience in marketing for tire dealers and tire manufacturers and a staff dedicated to staying at the forefront of the quickly evolving social media landscape, JTMarCom helps its client realize bottom-line benefits from social media.  For more information, visit

About Tire Company Solutions

Tire Company Solutions, a Microsoft Certified Partner, develops and markets both off-the-shelf and custom software solutions, ecommerce platforms and support and consulting services to independent tire and automotive service companies.

In business within the Windows environment for over 15 years, TCS has created information technology solutions for tire and automotive centers with one focus: making them more profitable.  In addition to the software, TCS offers ecommerce solutions, consulting services and website creation for its customers.  For the latest news, information or an online demonstration, visit the company’s website, or call 1-888-449-8473.

The Company is headquartered in Cookeville, TN.


Molly Reese
TCS – Tire Company Solutions

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