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June 22nd, 2010

(Cookeville, TN, 06-22-10) TCS, a TN based software and web products provider, and Social Butterfly.Pro have initiated a collaborative effort to produce a new brand of Social Media websites for tire dealers.  The importance of Social Media for brand recognition and visibility has mushroomed in the past 12 months, and this new cooperative effort is a powerful enhancement to TCS’ burgeoning array of products and services for the Tire and Automotive Services industry.

“We’ve been helping dealers utilize Social Media over the past two years now and it has become obvious to us that the websites in use today fall short in the tools necessary to fully take advantage of their internet presence,” stated Shawn McKenzie, President of Social Butterfly.Pro, a NH based Social Media support site for Tire dealers. “TCS already has a strong web product mix in place, we had the Social Media expertise, it made sense to work together.”

The biggest advantage the TCS/Social Butterfly partnership is bringing to the tire dealer is a single place to manage their web and social presence. “The website has a clean, crisp look and drives interaction with your customers and potential customers with tire information and social media.  But the biggest reason to build a site with us is we are offering the only product that allows the administration of your entire web media presence to be managed and controlled from one place. Twitter, you tube, facebook, specials, promotions, online coupons, active tire and wheel data and pricing, website analytics, customer contact, and much more will all be managed from a single point.  Tire dealers are going to love how easy it is to corral and manage multiple marketing tools in one place.” says Barry Reese, president of TCS.

Both TCS and Social Butterfly affirm that using social media is no longer just an option for tire dealers and all small businesses in general, but a necessity. Access to media has flattened this year in that any small business can now have a powerful presence on the web. The technical expertise of TCS combined with the Social Media aptitude of Social Butterfly allows this partnership to provide a powerful new marketing tool for tire dealers and other small business owners.

Interested Tire and Automotive dealers are encouraged to contact TCS,, or Social Butterfly,, to find out how this partnership can directly help their businesses.

About Tire Company Solutions

Tire Company Solutions, a Microsoft Certified Partner, develops and markets both off-the-shelf and custom software solutions, ecommerce platforms and support and consulting services to independent tire and automotive service companies.

In business within the Windows environment for over 16 years, TCS has created information technology solutions for tire and automotive centers with one focus: making them more profitable.  In addition to the software, TCS offers ecommerce solutions, consulting services and website creation for its customers.  For the latest news, information or an online demonstration, visit the company’s website, or call 1-888-449-8473.

The Company is headquartered in Cookeville, TN with a western region office in Salt Lake City, Utah.

About Social Butterfly.Pro

Social Butterfly.Pro is one company in the spectrum of SocialButterfly Ventures, operating out of Manchester, NH.  Social Butterfly is designed to help tire dealers maximize their use of powerful online tools. By providing a single gateway to everything online; Social Butterfly aims to provide tire dealers the means to set up and implement these powerful new marketing tools and how to make them a powerful component of their marketing strategy.

Molly Reese
TCS Technologies

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TCS, an ARI company, develops and supports an innovative suite of point of sale and business management software, eCommerce websites, digital marketing services and data-as-a-service products designed exclusively for dealers, wholesalers, retreaders and manufacturers within the automotive repair, tire and wheel verticals. TCS is the industry's only complete technology provider, and our platform outperforms the competition through its seamless integration and superior functionality. For more than 20 years, we have provided our customers the best customer support in the industry, giving them the tools to build stronger, more loyal customers and ultimately a strong ROI. 

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