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First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions (Volume I)

April 28th, 2010

The importance of creating a favorable first impression cannot be overstated.  As our brains receive data through the five senses, as well as “intuition” and “gut feelings”, an involuntary response is set in motion.

If we observe something our brain responds to as undesirable, an emotional reaction to that stimulus takes place.  This holds true for the other senses as well.  Hearing, tasting, touching, or smelling something undesirable all tend to influence our emotional state according to previous programming.

This holds true in any environment.  You can imagine how undesirable stimulus would impact you adversely whether at a restaurant, at a hospital, at a supermarket, in an office, or at a tire shop.

Conversely, you can imagine what desirable stimulus would impact you in any environment.

Initially, one may garner exposure through a multitude of vehicles, whether a billboard, a sign on a building, circulars, newspaper ads, radio ads, television commercials, your website, or by word of mouth.

Therefore, particular attention should be given to the medium(s) whereby you invest the major portion of your effort at gaining exposure.  The dividends received should be commensurate with the effort expended.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these mediums.

Since cost versus return is a major consideration in deciding where to invest your advertising budget, one must analyze the overall concept of utilizing a billboard to gain an accurate assessment.  Billboards are a notoriously costly medium through which a business gains exposure.   Because of this,  a business must be mindful of the placement and size of any billboards incorporated into its advertising campaign.

Billboards located on major thoroughfares such as freeways and primary streets come at a higher premium because of the amount of traffic passing that location.  For instance, we’ve all seen billboards stating the number of vehicles that pass that location on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.  We’ve also experienced viewing a billboard numerous times as opposed to noticing one for the first time.  Why would this be?  A number of factors could account for this phenomenon.  Was it too small?  Was it not eye-catching?  Ideally, a display would be visually distinctive while conveying the message for which it was intended; keeping in mind there is very limited time to take in the necessary information such as business name, address, phone number, products, services, and any incentives.

Other details such as company logo, colors, lighting, and even possibly humor, can have a significant impact on the viewer’s psychological impression.  In conclusion, one must carefully approach outdoor advertising with due diligence.

To be continued…

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