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November 16th, 2009

Part I:  Updating Your Logo

On the internet image is everything:  The web is a truly visual experience.  The appearance and usability of your company’s website shapes a visitor’s perception as to the quality and reliability of your business as a whole.  One could argue that having no website would be less harmful to your company’s reputation than an out-of-date and or broken/limited functionality website.  The flipside, of course, is to present your visitors with pages that are visually appealing, easy-to-use to make a strong positive impression.  This is an important element of building a lasting business relationship and ultimately greater success for you.

A good logo is a key element of your business’ presence.  It conveys information about your business on an almost subconscious level.  If you logo looks old, unbalanced, and thrown together those negative concepts will invariably carry over to the perception of your services and abilities.  A strong logo exudes confidence and says you care about your appearance.

Many customers have logos that worked fine in the last century during the paper age.  Now in the digital era, it is possible to communicate more information more effectively with your logo via limitless colors, exciting effects and even animation.

Case Study: CBI

1-logo-originalCBI’s original logo served them well.  The company is proud of its 40-year heritage, but the logo looks its age.  As part of integrating the web to expand their footprint, CBI asked TCS to modernize their logo.

2-logo-tracedWe start by tracing the shape and extruding into a 3-Dimensional object.  A treatment is also done on the text to make it more readable and balanced.

3-logo-treatmentThrough the use of lighting, textures and post processing effects we now have an updated logo! The original brand identity has been preserved, yet the look and feel is updated.

4-logo-bluebgHaving the logo as a layered file or 3D object allows us to easily place it over different backgrounds.  It can also be scaled as needed for any application:  from small imprints on business cards and brochures to large-size reproductions for company vehicles, billboards, banners, etc.

5-logo-animatedHaving a 3D object file built also allows for exciting options like animation!  A short sequence could be useful for promotional materials including the company website.

Another Example:  David’s Discount Tire

5-logo-originalDavid’s original logo was supposed to show 2 D’s (for David’s Discount) intersected by a tire.  Unfortunately, not many people got that.

6-logo-updatedAn updated logo lets customers know David’s is utilizing the latest technology to better serve them!  The double-D effect is strengthened while moving the tire concept the D’s themselves.  A bit of perspective and a shadow makes the logo appear to pop off the page.

7-logo-whitebgOnce again, now that we have updated logo files we have options on how to display it.  For the purpose of a sales invoice, a logo over white is appropriate for attractive and ink-thrifty printing.

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