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Do you feel the NEED FOR SPEED?

November 30th, 2009

The phrase doesn’t always mean “low profile tires”.  In business software this refers to the time it takes to get the data you request to your screen. This is a key factor in customer satisfaction, as well as your satisfaction with Tire Power desktop software or our ePower websites from Tire Company Solutions.

So how can you as a end-user, get the best results? 

First a bit of background, after 25 plus + years in SQL databases, what worked years ago still works today, and will work in the future; “Be as specific as you can!”.

When you search for a product, part or name, the more information you provide the faster the information or data can be found; for example when searching for a name:

  1. Entering “S” will search for all names starting with S.
  2. Using “ST” will be faster as it will find only those with ST
  3. Using “STA” will be the fastest to gain what you’re looking for.

Using a minimal of 3 letter s at least on any name will speed up your searching.  Since we already know “our geeks are better than their geeks”  you will continue to see these speed increases in screens as we can address  each area of the product and streamline it.

Additional Tips:

  • Use your settings to minimize history searches (you can always change the dates to get past the beginning time).
  • If you only know the middle of the word or item use % between like %stapl%  to find Andy Stapleton
  • Search ALL, will take the longest.
  • If you have to page down more than 3 pages, refine the search if possible.
  • Run large reports just before you leave, so it has time to finish instead of during the day.

Basically Speed is up to you, the  more you let off the “brakes”, and allow the server to find the road, the faster it will go. 

At the same time, we will be paving new interstates thru software and data to get you all the information you request as quickly as possible.

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