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TCS SEMA Products Presentation

November 26th, 2010

TCS had a fantastic year at the SEMA show in 2010 and would like to thank all the visitors who stopped by our booth. Our products presentation was a popular feature, so we decided to post the

presentation that ran on the monitors in our booth on YouTube:

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November 17th, 2010

Why do we need accountability in life?

What does that look like? It could mean taking responsibility, giving an answer, or an explanation. It is a great way to motivate us. Just knowing I will have to give an answer for my actions, health, work, etc. keeps me on a positive path in life. TCS has a wellness program that keeps us accountable. One TCS employee said, “Just knowing I have to write it down, keeps me motivated to exercise when I don’t feel like it”.  Our health and wellness is something we can impact to a large degree by making good decisions about how we live and what we eat. It is important to eat right, get plenty of sleep, exercise and get the vaccines available to prevent diseases. Many Americans are living unhealthy lifestyles and are not aware of wellness or prevention, which will only result in worse health conditions and higher healthcare costs in the future.  The quality of life and how you feel is in direct proportion to the choices we make in our ...[more]

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Employment Opportunity

November 12th, 2010

Job Title: Web Designer / Developer
Company name: TCS Technologies
Pay Rate / Range: Salary Requirements Accepted
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
Position Type: Full Time, Employee
Date Posted: Nov. 12, 2010

Job Description
TCS Salt Lake is seeking a full-time web designer with technical skills or aptitude. TCS is the foremost provider of websites and internet applications for the Tire and Automotive Services Industry in wholesale and retail markets.
* We are also accepting applications for web engineers, see our other ad.


+ Artistic
+ Fluent with Adobe Photoshop and experience “cutting” images into website graphics.
+ Able to code and debug HTML / CSS
+ Flexibility: Designer will both work on team projects and independently, taking projects from initial concept t ...[more]

TCS Proudly Announces Record Year, Best SEMA Show

November 5th, 2010

(SEMA Show, Las Vegas, NV, 03-Nov-2010) Cookeville, Tennessee-based TCS announced a record year of growth, along with the addition of new technology customers signed the first two days of the SEMA show, a direct result of both its superior suite of products, services, support and commitment to the independent tire dealer.  Among those signing up for TCS’ suite of solutions at the SEMA show are retailers Speedy’s Tire in Charlotte, NC and Tire Ninja in the Los Angeles area, wholesalers Lucy’s Tire Inc. in Miami, FL, Alpha Tire and Wheel based in Houston, TX,  EZ Wheel USA in Pacific, WA and several additional dealers who were in need of an updated web site to target revenue potential from internet consumers.

TCS provides software, web and custom internet technology solutions for the Tire and Automotive Services.  A line of new and expanded product offerings along with growth in company size and production capacity has bolstered sales to a record high point in TCS̵ ...[more]

Customer Spotlight: Dino Hux – TunerKey

November 1st, 2010

tunerToday’s retail tire business has changed tremendously.  With approximately 1400 different tire sizes in the industry, you never know what’s going to pull into your shop next.  In order to succeed, we need to meet the customers’ needs.  Regardless the need, that customer needs you and when you meet that need, you are his hero.  The idea of our product came from years of retail sales counter experiences working with stressed out customers.  Their immediate need is the removal of their tuner lugs.  Their tire is about to blow, their brakes are in the metal, or they simply just want 4 new tires.  The Master Key Tuner Key Kit offers 18 different tuner keys, that’s 99% coverage on all tuner keys marketed in the USA.  We sell 5 to 10 tuner keys every day at our retail tire shop, Dino’s Tire & Wheel in Tulsa, Ok.  These customers are so ...[more]

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October 28th, 2010

COOKEVILLE, Tn. (October 28, 2010) – TCS, software and technology provider for the tire and automotive industry, has upgraded its Tire Power and Tire Core point of sale systems to include Carfax QuickVIN. Users now can retrieve the year/make/model and vehicle identification number (VIN) of their customers’ cars by entering only the license plate information. The new QuickVIN tool is available to all current customers within the latest versions of the software.

“What a luxury to quickly get all the specific vehicle data with only a license plate number,” says Jamie Schwoerer of Don Owen Tire Service Inc. in Illinois.  “We don’t need expensive scanners or have to take additional time running back and forth to cars to get the data.  Tire Power with Carfax QuickVIN reduces the time it takes for us to build a work order and gets our customers out the door quicker. It also reduces the troublesome task of managing parts returns due to incorrect ordering, saving us tons ...[more]

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Thinking about investing in a website?

October 28th, 2010

Not sure if you should invest in a website? Maybe I can help you make up your mind.  In today’s society with technology growing so fast, the internet is always at the tip of your fingers. From computers to cell phones to online gaming systems you can jump right on the world-wide-web and search for almost anything at any time. I might be repeating myself, but I did say the world-wide-web right?

With millions of people shopping for tires, rims, or services every day, the first place they will start is on the internet.  That’s a big deal because if they can’t find you on the web then who knows if they will find you at all.  I know you might be thinking, “Hey I don’t have a website and people still walk through my door.”  This is true, but think about how many of those people don’t walk through your door.  So whose door are those people walking through?  Your competitors!

A website lets you have a cutting edge above the rest.  It allows your customers ...[more]

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Are you really looking under the hood…

October 18th, 2010

This month TCS supports all of our customers and partners in the tire and automotive industry in celebrating National Car Care Month. What better time to have your vehicle serviced than now. Better yet what you are you doing to ensure your customer’s vehicles are being serviced correctly?

October is a great time to take care of any overdue maintenance or just get your car ready for the winter ahead. reports that between 2007 and 2009, 80% of vehicles on the road failed at least one component of a standard vehicle inspection. That means 8 out of 10 cars rolling into your shop have some repair work that needs to be performed. Provide your customer a service and do those vehicle inspections with every vehicle in your shop. Do it because you care for them and their safety. Do it because you want the vehicle to last longer for your customer and great things will follow.

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First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions (Volume VII)

October 14th, 2010


Your website can reveal volumes of material to your customers and potential customers.  Its content could distribute information on a multitude of topics.  Therefore, the data and its format should be user-friendly, easy to navigate, informative, and satisfy the user’s curiosity.

It’s extremely important that your website represents your business in a professional manner, and sets you above your competitors.  Whether your site contains such things as blogs, testimonials, product descriptions, pricing, or pictures, the presentations should be personally appealing, and adequately answer any questions the inquirer may have.

If your website meets the previous criteria, you are in a favorable position, and have opened the door to further customer development. Having done their ‘homework’, the viewer can now act on the knowledge they have at their disposal.  Logically, they will probably follow-up with a phone call or personal ...[more]

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Dealer Payment Solutions Goes Live

October 11th, 2010

(Cookeville, TN, 06-Oct-10) Today Dealer Payment Solutions (DPS) officially launched its premier website,, signaling a new era of payment solutions specifically geared to the Tire and Automotive Industry.

DPS founder Rich Entel announced today that the website is fully operational and open for business to provide payment solutions for Tire and Automotive Service vendors.  Mr. Entel is a seasoned veteran of the industry with 20 years of experience as a wholesale distributor and VP of Marketing for Max Finkelstein, Inc. Earlier this year Rich recognized a service gap for independent tire dealers in that they lacked the leverage to negotiate with suppliers; a benefit large chains have enjoyed for years.  The DPS website and program levels the playing field by creating virtual groups that offer competitive rates for stores of any size and volume.

“I feel great satisfacti ...[more]

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